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Geoden Agency are a firm of professional accident investigators who have been established over 20 years. When we started out we specialised in providing investigation services to insurers and solicitors. During that time we have built up a vast amount of knowledge and experience that we can now use to assist other firms.

The main thing that we have discovered is that often Insurers will not investigate claims for a significant period of time. Just think what might happen if a claim was not investigated for over a year; the road layout might have changed, your driver's recollection of the accident may not be very clear, your driver may have left your employment, witnesses may have moved. Without all of the vital evidence that these sources could provide, you and your insurer may struggle to prove your case which could result in a payment by your insurer, possible loss of no claims bonus and increased premiums in the future.

Another thing we have seen, is that Insurers will often suggest a 50 / 50 settlement in liability without investigating the matter in detail. By not investigating the matter the insurer may save money, but what if you feel your driver should take a lesser proportion of the blame, say 75 / 25 in your favour. If you could prove the latter, you could potentially save your insurer from paying out so much, but more importantly, you could receive an extra 50% on your uninsured losses claim.

Geoden Agency can assist you in both of these situations by attending on your driver, at a time and location convenient to you and taking a full statement about the events surrounding the accident. This statement will be prepared in accordance with current court standards and can be sent to your insurers, which may speed up the claims handling process and improve your chances of a better settlement for your firm.

We can also take statements from witnesses to the accident and prepare a detailed sketch plan accompanied by digital photographs showing the road layout at the current time.

Another service we offer is for firms who have had their vehicle stolen or written off and are not happy with the settlement offered by their insurance company. In these cases, you will often be advised to find examples of similar vehicles in the local press to prove your valuation.

Geoden Agency appreciate that this can be time consuming and so we can provide this service for you. We will investigate the market for your former vehicle and are able to provide a full report with our findings, which could assist you in improving your settlement offer.

To further assist you, Geoden Agency have prepared a couple of documents which we hope might help you in the event of a motor insurance claim

Follow the link for information about what to do in the event of a motor accident

Follow the link for a glossary of motor insurance claims terms you may come across when making an insurance claim

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P.O. Box 248, Haywards Heath, RH16 3GJ
Tel: 0845 486 0073
Fax: 0845 638 4750

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