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Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) Sign-ups

Do you need you clients to complete conditional fee agreements (CFAs) or other paperwork before you can handle their Claim for accident or injury compensation? Do you current send this paperwork out using the normal postal system?

Perhaps you would rather that your clients received a personal visit when signing up to your services or maybe you are having problems getting you clients to return their conditional fee agreement (CFA) paperwork. If this is the case then Geoden Agency can help you.

An agent of Geoden Agency will attend at your Client's address at a time convenient to them and sit with them to explain the documentation that you need completed. The client's signature will then be obtained and the paperwork will be return to you fully and correctly completed.

A personal and professional attendance by an agent of Geoden Agency could give a more caring and considerate impression of your firm. It could also increase your sign ups as paperwork can be completed immediately and accurately.

Other additional benefits include the opportunity to interview your Client early in the process and to form a view as to their quality as a witness. There is also the possibility of collecting other evidence during the visit, such as accident injury photographs or statements.

If you are an accident management firm who needs CFAs or other documents completed and collected from your Clients, then please contact Geoden Agency to discuss your requirements. We will carry out the tasks you require to your specifications. Geoden Agency can provide preferential rates for package arrangements (eg. CFA signup and statement at same visit) as well as bulk deals when carrying out this kind of instruction.

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P.O. Box 248, Haywards Heath, RH16 3GJ
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Fax: 0845 638 4750

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