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Services for Claimant Credit Hire Firms

Geoden Agency are experienced in the investigation of Credit Hire Claims relating to the cost of hire of alternative vehicles after a non-fault accident. Our experience usually comes from the credit hire defence perspective, however we are also happy to assist Claimant's and their agents / representatives.

It may seem unusual for a firm who offers services to the defence to also offer claimant services, however, Geoden Agency are completely independent and as such will present the facts required to whoever employs them.

Although our evidence and that of other investigators has in the past defeated claims from Credit Hire operators, we are also aware of flaws in the evidence produced by other firms working on behalf of the Defendant party. With this knowledge and through further good quality research, in many cases, where the credit hire company presents a reasonable claim, we are able to provide independent evidence to support it.

The evidence can be presented in any form, but most commonly in the form of a CPR compliant statement. The person completing the research and the statement will be an experienced agent with knowledge of the credit hire industry and the current issues. The agent will also be experience at appearing in court and being subject to cross examination. Should the matter proceed to court, they will be happy to appear for the Claimant as a lay witness.

Please do not hesitate to contact Geoden Agency, if you wish to discuss the services we offer to support Claimants, credit hire firms and their agents / representatives.

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P.O. Box 248, Haywards Heath, RH16 3GJ
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Fax: 0845 638 4750

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